Book Curriculum Example

Ocean Commotion

Below are samples of growth and reflection tools for
Lilly the Lash's third adventure - Ocean Commotion.

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Multi-Grade Lesson Plans and Activities for School and Home

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Lilly the Lash's Garden of Growth

Play theory - game based learning

Works with PBIS Strategies

Lilly's Garden of Growth is a motivational tool to encourage positive choices using play theory or game-based learning theory. It helps young children adopt daily tasks (like brushing teeth), motivates older children to complete chores, and empowers children with behavioral challenges or special needs.

Lilly's Garden of Growth was created with the framework of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support. Its foundation is rooted in a proactive approach to establishing the behavioral supports needed in school and at home to achieve social and emotional intelligence and help reach academic success by practicing healthy daily practices around actions, self-respect, and kindness toward others.

Lilly's Garden of Growth can be used in tandem with the Lilly the Lash book series or podcast or separately. All aspects of the Lilly the Lash universe are tailored to meet a child's needs through different approaches to help our children thrive.

Learn more about PBIS by visiting today and read first-hand accounts on how Lilly the Lash's Garden of Growth makes a positive impact in our children's lives.

Sunny Signs Early Education Program

Providing additional avenues of communication
for our children

A Sign Language Tool

Sunny Signs uses a poster and flower petals that make learning a bit of sign language fun. There are 26 flower petals that display each letter of the alphabet in sign language, and 26 flower petals that display simple words in sign language, which can be cut out and attached to the poster of Sunny.

Sign language has been proven to provide young children and those experiencing speech difficulties with the ability to communicate. Children in daycare, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten classrooms are learning simple gestures in sign language. Many children on the spectrum struggle with the thought of communicating verbally and choose to use sign language to get their needs met. This poster offers everyone the opportunity to learn a few of those gestures.

The program goal is simple: Sunny Signs aims to provide a simple way to ease into the world of sign language, for those children who need to use sign language to communicate. Great for the children, but also for the parents, grandparents, and others who share in the life of a child using sign language to communicate.


Additionally, in alignment with Whimsical Wizard Worldwide's goal of being trauma-informed, we know sign language is sometimes successful for those experiencing difficulties speaking due to trauma. We also know sign language can help build confidence for children learning to overcome a speech impediment (pronunciation or stutter.) WWW would like to expand Sunny Signs in early education centers, especially in lower-income regions where there is a higher propensity for childhood trauma and lower availability of speech resources.

Access this free tool by visiting the Lilly the Lash Universe here.


Lilly's Garden of Growth

As an educator for more than 20 years, I had the pleasure of working with, what some might consider, challenging children. When I incorporated the Lilly the Lash series of books into my program, in conjunction with the Lilly’s Garden of Growth motivational board game, the results were nothing short of miraculous. The student’s desire to make good choices from the character traits they were learning became a daily goal that brought great pride and happiness. Their attitudes blossomed from somber and quiet, to ones filled with cheer and engagement, all within an amazingly short amount of time. To watch students go from disruptive to respectful, from embellishing to opening up and being honest, or going from low or no self-esteem, to finding self-worth...well, it has been one of the greatest rewards of my life. My wish for this world would be for ALL children to have the opportunity to grow and flourish with the help of Lilly and her many extraordinary endeavors, and for people to see and feel the many joys it would bring. - Lisa Heim, Admin Asst. for Special Education Dept., Emotional Behavioral Disabilities Educator, Mayville, WI

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