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Whimsical Wizard Worldwide, Inc.

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We leverage the magic of imagination within storytelling and art, to support generations of children on positive mental-health journeys that embrace good character, strong self-esteem, respect for themselves and others, and a foundation of kindness in all that they do.

Our Vision

We envision a world where all children know they are inherently worthy of love and can promote a foundation of self-esteem and love for others through the power of kind, daily habits.


Whimsical Wizard Worldwide believes in the power of education. Our programs support early literacy and align with the nationwide campaign for grade-level reading goals. We are dedicated to providing tools for parents, teachers, therapists, and other adults to help children learn language (literacy and ASL) and feel empowered to make positive choices.

Social and Emotional Growth

Whimsical Wizard Worldwide believes in the power of character-building tools and game-based learning theory to develop healthy and happy children. Our programs are founded on the belief that imagination and art can support social and emotional intelligence growth and help heal trauma.

Child Centric

Being child-centric is understanding children do not exist in silos. It takes a loving community to raise our children. WWW provides support in the form of curriculum, products, and education to parents, teachers, guidance counselors, therapists, siblings, and other caretakers.

Whimsical Wizard Worldwide Programs

Whimsical Wizard Worldwide's Impact on Children & Families

Madelyn 1

Elementary Student

I would like to thank you for visiting our school to show us your book. I never thought that I would find a children’s book so interesting. I learned that it doesn’t really matter how you look, but rather the personality you have. The Garden Gathering taught me to be happy with myself, and now I see myself from a different point of view.

A positive point of view!

Ellen Reading to Victoria

Elementary Reading Specialist

Our students love your books, and were so excited to have you visit our school. You have such a fun and exciting way of teaching good character lessons, and encouraging a message dear to our hearts…literacy. Every teacher in our school commented on your energy and passion. They were thrilled to get such positive feedback from their classrooms.

Questions about our flagship program Lilly the Lash?

Visit www.lillythelash.com to learn more about the stories of Lilly the Lash.

Character Building Foundation

Lilly the Lash

Lilly the Lash is considered both the overarching portfolio of Whimsical Wizard Worldwide and a distinct program with educational curriculum and initiatives. The program has its foundation in a storyline about a fairy that comes from an eyelash. The eyelash fairy has experiences that can be translated to a child’s day-to-day life; Lilly the eyelash fairy helps the children “see” the advantage of making certain choices that promote mental and physical well-being for themselves and those with whom they interact.

The Program includes branded products in addition to free resources and services provided in outreach and support to schools, parents, caregivers, and service providers. The author, Julie Woik, provides a minimum of 75-100 days a year of free training and guidance for the programs. The goal is to use current tools and develop ongoing supports to expand outreach. Whimsical Wizard Worldwide's programs aim to creatively address issues around grade-level reading and develop programs sensitive to low-income families and schools. Lilly the Lash initiatives and products also work to support children suffering from trauma and its effects on social and emotional development ("SEI"), learning, physical health, and all other outcomes outlined in studies around ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences.)

Positive behavior, personal growth

Lilly's Garden of Growth

Lilly’s Garden of Growth is a program that focuses on positive behavioral change. Julie speaks to teachers, parents, caregivers, and other service providers whose focus is to develop positive daily habits in children who either struggle or are just being introduced to such ideas. This program serves those with behavioral challenges and neurodivergent children in particular (those with autism, ADHD, Asperger's, etc). The program leverages a board game. The board game (that can be printed for free or purchased if desired) is a large, eye-catching, motivational board game for the home, classroom, or a therapeutic setting. Children move themselves forward on the board through positive choices and behavior that are discussed and decided upon alongside their teacher, parents, or other adults promoting positive choices. The board provides children and their caretakers with visual proof of their success. Creator Julie Woik gently teaches important structural, educational ideas on how the creativity of game-based learning (leveraging game-based learning theory) can help children take ownership of positive choices thereby making good practices habitual and enjoyable while also sparking creative problem-solving and imagination.

Exploring Emotions

Lilly the Lash and Friends Podcast

Lilly the Lash and Friends puppet podcast provides a valuable platform for children to speak out and express their feelings, and address timely issues that children from all around the globe face on a daily basis. Lilly celebrates good deeds, speaks to their countless challenges, and encourages children to tell their stories. The podcast aspires to empower children to make good choices, which will strengthen their character, and provide lasting results throughout their lives. It also provides a creative approach to addressing key issues barring children from grade-level reading and serving those who have already experienced trauma (those with high Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs).

Language Building Tools

Sunny Signs Early Education Program

Sunny Signs provides introductory sign language learning for children in daycare, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten classrooms. These tools are represented in a poster that offers everyone the opportunity to learn a few important gestures. Customers can print the poster and petals for free or they can purchase the poster from the author of the books or the website. Little ones and their caregivers leverage the language to communicate their needs.

Many children on the spectrum struggle with the thought of communicating verbally and choose to use sign language to get their needs met. In alignment with Whimsical Wizard Worldwide's goal of being trauma-informed, we know sign language is sometimes successful for those experiencing difficulties speaking due to trauma. We also know sign language can help build confidence for children learning to overcome a speech impediment (pronunciation or stutter).

Whimsical Wizard Worldwide would like to expand Sunny Signs in early education centers, especially in lower-income regions where there is a higher propensity for childhood trauma, lower availability of speech resources, and more English language learners.


Testimonials from Our Educators & Therapists

Author Julie Woik is ‘making a wave’ by writing a series that focuses on building character and self-esteem. As an educator, I’ve learned it’s vital that we model and teach our children the life lessons that will help empower them to become good citizens. My students are mesmerized by the adventures Lilly takes us on; and the illustrations are the icing on the cake. The book topics create deep discussions, and allow children to become introspective about their own character traits and the kind of person they want to be, while encouraging them to speak to, and deal with, their own emotions.

Christine Holt
Vice President of Literacy Leaders of Palm Beach County, Teacher, West Palm Beach, FL

If ever a children’s book series were destined to be an ‘instant classic’, it would be The Life and Times of Lilly the Lash. The idea that the spirit leading us to our better selves might be embodied in something as physically insignificant as an eyelash, is inspired. The gentle rhythm of the poetry and the vibrant beauty of the illustrations deliver profound messages without a hint of being anything but fun. By working her magic in secret, Lilly reveals a beautifully selfless alternative to a ‘me first’ world. This is storytelling and teaching at its finest.

Lori White
Superintendent, Sarasota County Schools

Your books are a part of my 4th grade character education curriculum. It’s a class called ‘Gifts & Challenges’ since we focus on learning more about ourselves and our own specific gifts and challenges.

My students LOVE your books. Thank you! We all love the rhyming, the overall message as well as the illustrations. Well done!

Bridget Manley
3-5th Grade Teacher

Note from the Author and President, Julie Woik

I’m Julie Woik, the president of our non-profit organization, Whimsical Wizard Worldwide, Inc. Our team is so excited about the many opportunities your generous donations will provide. Expanding our existing reach will allow for continued support of children, parents, care-givers, service providers, and anyone investing in the mental health and well-being of our future.
The learning and practicing of good character lessons strengthens self-esteem, which in turn, makes our goal of building generations of happy, healthy, successful human beings…possible. Together, we can do this, and I’m so very thankful and grateful to each and every one of you.

Sincerely, Julie

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